Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wrapping mum's present

I had to give my mum her "Mother's day" present in advance today, and I wanted to show you how I wrapped it... Just in case any of you needs some inspiration ;)  I bought the box, but I found the crochet decoration and the ribbon at home. If you dont have the crochet thing, you can also use a blond lace, like those they put under the sweets at the bakeries...  And please, iron the ribbon first... I didn't have time, but I think it'd definitely look much better!

Hoy he tenido que darle por adelantado a mi madre su regalo del Día de la Madre,  y quería enseñaros cómo lo he envuelto... Por si necesitáis algo de inspiración ;) La caja la he comprado, pero la decoración de crochet y el lacito los he encontrado en casa. Si no tenéis algo parecido, podéis usar una blonda de las que ponen debajo de los pastelitos en las panaderías. Y por favor, planchad el lacito antes... A mí no me ha dado tiempo, pero estaría mucho mejor!

If you have better ideas, don't hesitate to share them here! 
Si tenéis más ideas, no dudéis en compartirlas aquí!

Have a nice sunday and a nice week
Que tengáis buena domingo y buena semana


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just a few sunday morning pictures


At you can buy beautiful phrases for your walls like the first image! The rest of the images were taken by AIAM.

I bought the handbag/clutch on thursday, it was too cheap and too nice to leave it there... And I wanted one so badly. The blouse is from Mango from this winter. I'm simply in love with it for many reasons. All the pillows are from Zara Home except the white one with the lace edging, which is my mum's. The light was so nice this morning, warm but not strong, delicious. 

Have a nice afternoon and evening, and a great week!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Day dreaming. Elie Saab

Most of us watched all the Spring/Summer Collections of 2011, I know, but I think most of us keep this one in our memory. It came to my mind today, and I got lost in day dreaming. Elie Saab is magic. This collection is magic.

It has an effect on me, just like an anesthetize for a painful monday. 


Images from

Watching the video has even a stronger effect, with the music, the moves of the models and the dresses... Amazing.

Sorry that the images are so big, but this time I think it's worth it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great week!

Friday, April 8, 2011

In blue, part II

Dion Lee blazer
740 GBP -

Christian Louboutin leather high heels
569 GBP -

When you make up your eyes in blue, it'll create a stronger effect if you wear blue as well. So I went shopping online... And selected a few things! Specially for ur home.. Found some specially nice inspirations.

Zara Home lookbook

Zara Home bikini "Almudena"

PB ten framed beach shadow boxes

Union Street Office by Massucco Warner Miller


Wisteria book boxes

Waterford turquoise glasses


Blue hooded top H&M

Dress by H&M

Vintage Chanel

Splendid strapless cotton and modal-blend maxi dress

Have a great weekend and thank you for following us!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In blue

Not that I'm sad... I just... I was thinking of blue orchideas.
I found some today, pitty I didn't buy them because now I can't stop thinking of them, it's just that I lost a bit of interest when I realised it's just a fake colour, at least the ones they had in this shop...  They weren't exactly this blue, they were more intense in fact. If I buy them I will show you!

And thinking of blue I remembered the eyeliner I bought last week. Found it in Sephora, and bought it thinking of the summer, when I will be tanned... The colour is something like this, even if this is from Urban Decay.
Urban Decay Cosmetics. 24-7 Glide-on shadow pencil
I have brown eyes and I think the contrast will be cool. It was only around 6 euros so I couldn't help it! In case you have the same idea, here you have some inspiration about how to make up your eyes this summer: 

Christian Dior
Basso & Brooke
Derek Lam

Christian Dior.
Jessica Alba

Christian Dior

Pictures from, and google.

I specially like the third picture, from Basso & Brooke. The Dior option is cool but only for the runways, for real life I would rather use a natural lipstick in order not to look like a clown...

Well, I hope it will look nice on me as well! If I had blue eyes I would use black eyeliner to create a contrast, but since I have brown, I want to try the opposite option. What do you think? Have you tried this colour for your make up? You have any other ideas to make brown eyes look special?

Have a nice evening!

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