Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY: making a shell necklace from a wooden beaded curtain

I know it might be a bit early for a summer necklace, but today it's so cloudy and windy that I couldn't manage to make the pictures for the original post I wanted to make. Anyway, I've also been wanting to show you this: a few years ago I recieved from my grandma one of those curtains made of wooden beads that were traditionally found at the doors of some houses (at least in Spain and some countries). I'm talking about this kind of curtains: 

© Bob Krist/CORBIS

Well, so if you  have one like this or you can get it, you'll get tons of material to do what I did: 

The materials. Once you have a curtain, it's easy to find shells at the beach, and they often have a hole already made...


After a while, my mum suddenly found this at a magazine. It's from a brand called Mahe (, and it can be an inspiration for more of them, just by painting the wooden beads or using elements instead of shells.

Surfing the net, I found other ideas that can inspire you in case you have the materials, you can use them like this: 

To embellish your cables 

To make little Christmas trees 
Tiebacks (alzapaños) for curtains

Have a nice day! 


  1. thanks for the tip, love the rumanian one!!


  2. Btw, I get my pics everywhere on internet, I love to browse and see new things, I follow all links :P

  3. Siempe me ha encantado ese collar, y me parece una idea de lo más original! Y cómo te has currado el post, me encanta!! :)


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