Saturday, August 20, 2011

Falling for: collar blouses

I promissed telling you something about my "holidays in paradise" and my first outftit posts, but first I wanted to show some lovely images that have been catching my eye lately. Everyone who was born around the 80's or earlier must remember this trend that many of our mums made us wear when we were kids. I can tell my mum was addicted... I'm talking about blouses with romantic collars, with all kinds of lace and sometimes really, really big.  

Prometí contaros algo sobre mis "vacaciones en el paraíso" y mi primer "outfit post", pero primero quería enseñaros algunas imágenes que me han llamado la atención últimamente. Todas las que hemos nacido en los 80 o antes deben acordarse de esta tendencia que muchas de nuestras madres nos hicieron llevar cuando éramos niñas. Os diré que la mía era adicta... Estoy hablando de blusas con cuellos románticos, con todo tipo de encajes y puntillas, que a veces eran muy muy grandes...

It's one of those stuff I hated when I was a kid and I simply love now. Fortunately, my mum loved them then and still does, so when she saw my "obsession" about a lovely top I found at Maje, she finally ended up buying it for me... Stay "tuned" 'cause I will show it very soon!

Es una de esas cosas que odiaba cuando era una niña y ahora sencillamente adoro. Por suerte, a mi madre le encantaban entonces y ahora también, así que cuando vio mi "obsesión" por un precioso top que encontré en Maje, acabó comprándomelo... Estad atentas, que os lo enseñaré muy pronto!

Images through Pinterest (this album and this album)



  1. This is such a great favorite collared shirt is the one with the pearls on them - gorgeous! I actually have a post similar to this - "Fall 2011 Collar Necklace Trend":

  2. Love your blog!!

  3. How beautiful I especially love the first one it is so delicate!
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  4. i love peter pan collars, did a post on them, i like your blog because it isnt like all the other fashion blogs. i am your newest follower, you can check mine out and follow back.xoxo


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