Saturday, August 4, 2012


that I was thinking in calling this post again 'How to rock... an old (style) flowery skirt' but not to abuse to much the concept I decided not to do it. But keep that in mind haha. 
Actually, this skirt have been in my wardrobe during ages, without any opportunity. But suddenly, I started to have this kind of need of one of this colorful plain sweaters or jumpers. 
It was during sales when I visualized the bright pink colour, calling me since the end of the corridor of mountains made out of clothes (in ZARA) Then I realized how beautiful this skirt should be with the jumper. I love the cut out in the back. As i am wearing it without anything else, it becomes pretty sexy to be just a jersey ( jumper, jersey, sweater... seriously, I don't know how to call it, but you understand me... ^^)

that I really think that this pictures are one of my favourites since I started with the blog. I am very sad though: i dont't now how to get rid of this noise!!! I now it was getting dark and probably this is one of the main reasons. Please, I hate to be so amateur when I see that the result of my photos could be better, I would kindly accept any suggestion

that once upon a time... pink was one of my favourites colours. It became something obsessive! and there were times when I was wearing pink shirt+pink trousers+ pink shoes... (a potential petit suisse)
 I guess it is something that a blogger should't confess, but it was my style, is part of myself, and maybe, without this, I wouldn't be who I am now. Actually, I think this pink colour gives to my dark skin and dark hair, more light and it is pretty cool!

See you after my holiday!

Anne - Charlotte

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  1. Estás muy guapa, como siempre,y el rosa te sienta muy bien. Estan muy bonitas todas las fotos.Besos

  2. Guapísima Ana me encanta el jersey!!besitos


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