Monday, December 10, 2012

A day with...

Good morning to everyone. Today is a lazy day, yep, as all Mondays, at least for me. So not to start the week with more hard work I just want to share with you to videos that I had in mine since a long time. Both of them belong to two different people who are working in the fashion industry and the blogger world. The first one is called Jessie... 'Jessie Weiss became Germany's fashion blog darling when she started Les Mads. After a stint at Interview Magazine she's now back in the blog world with her new project Journelles. Jessie shows us what she loves about Berlin and goes to our showroom to style a look for her blog.' In the same way, Sabrina Meijer from after DRK (most all you probably know her) shares with us in the second video how is a normal day in his life. It quite interesting to see how normal background is behind these well-known people. Also what I like from them is the peace and the good vibrations they manage to transmit, this quite and relaxing environment they surround their life with. I think this is just the fresh thing I need for the start of the week. Greetings. See you soon and more often ;) 

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  1. Ya había visto el segundo, el primero me ha gustado mucho, pero es que yo soy MEGAFAN de Sabrina, me flipa...

    A mí tb me encanta el ambiente, la paz y las buenas vibraciones que transmiten los videos...



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