Thursday, February 3, 2011

SHORTS Revolution

In the middle of the winter, it's impossible not to think in the warm weather, the summer, the "bronze" skins... and my mind is yet beginning to think in the new outfits that I will wear walking at the beach.

 This girl is me with my boyfriend's. They were COOL at the beginning but... now they're boring, I need a solution!!

Shorts, for me, are the imprescindible ones during summer days, and you know how famous boyfriend's (jeans) were last year, then we cut our boyfriend's, but now there is another way for this summer: CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHORTS!! You will only need studs, laces, material... whatever + imagination! ( that I know you have a lot)

I have some doubts with my "customized", and I have found in internet some ideas! They are awesome! Enjoy them!

 These are my favorites!! Floral print ;)
 Always look inside the pockets! =)

 I love this one! With lace! Oh la la!


  1. Great post, I love all the shorts, especially the one with the studs. I just informed everyone in my group in a "blog alert" about this post.

  2. Thank you very much Ms. Wood! =)

  3. thanks for the visit on my blog.That's how I got to meet you and your lovely blog.
    I'm your new follower!



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