Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In blue

Not that I'm sad... I just... I was thinking of blue orchideas.
I found some today, pitty I didn't buy them because now I can't stop thinking of them, it's just that I lost a bit of interest when I realised it's just a fake colour, at least the ones they had in this shop...  They weren't exactly this blue, they were more intense in fact. If I buy them I will show you!

And thinking of blue I remembered the eyeliner I bought last week. Found it in Sephora, and bought it thinking of the summer, when I will be tanned... The colour is something like this, even if this is from Urban Decay.
Urban Decay Cosmetics. 24-7 Glide-on shadow pencil
I have brown eyes and I think the contrast will be cool. It was only around 6 euros so I couldn't help it! In case you have the same idea, here you have some inspiration about how to make up your eyes this summer: 

Christian Dior
Basso & Brooke
Derek Lam

Christian Dior.
Jessica Alba

Christian Dior

Pictures from www.telva.com, www.elle.es and google.

I specially like the third picture, from Basso & Brooke. The Dior option is cool but only for the runways, for real life I would rather use a natural lipstick in order not to look like a clown...

Well, I hope it will look nice on me as well! If I had blue eyes I would use black eyeliner to create a contrast, but since I have brown, I want to try the opposite option. What do you think? Have you tried this colour for your make up? You have any other ideas to make brown eyes look special?

Have a nice evening!


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