Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just a few sunday morning pictures


At you can buy beautiful phrases for your walls like the first image! The rest of the images were taken by AIAM.

I bought the handbag/clutch on thursday, it was too cheap and too nice to leave it there... And I wanted one so badly. The blouse is from Mango from this winter. I'm simply in love with it for many reasons. All the pillows are from Zara Home except the white one with the lace edging, which is my mum's. The light was so nice this morning, warm but not strong, delicious. 

Have a nice afternoon and evening, and a great week!



  1. Me encanta!!
    Creo q me lo voy a copietear!!

  2. Jajaja ok! Me gusta que te guste :P


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