Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Styleguide for men

Os dejo mi post de ayer en The Lemon Pear, nuestro magazine online, ¡y aprovecho para invitaros a visitarlo cuando queráis! Por no repetir, publico aquí la versión en inglés, podéis leerlo en español en la web de la revista (pinchando aquí).

This is the post I made yesterday for our magazine online, The Lemon Pear. It's a Spanish magazine, but I'll translate my post here. Hope you enjoy it!

Today I'm introducing Mr. Porter to you, in case someone didn't know him yet. But I bet you know Net-a-Porter and The Outnet. Those are for us women... From the creators of those two websites for online luxury shopping, we have Mr. Porter, this time for men. You won't stay behind, we want you as stylish as us, and in fact you do too ;)

Well, this is your web. I like the way they see it. We're not stupid, what they want is to sell clothes. But they also go for style and for helping men getting the "essentials" and combining them, thanks to some tools such as their "Style Help" section, where they show you the "essentials", they offer online style advice, show you the icons everyone should know, etc. If I were a man, I'd get lost in this section!

Moreover, of course you can subscribe by email, so that they'll send you their articles about each season's essentials or how to pack for the weekend; you can also visit The Journal, with interesting and inspiring articles.

Among other things, they tell us their basics for your Spring wardrobe, for example: 

- The printed shirt

- The unstructured blazer (for casual use)

- The tote bag  (you have to know how to wear it, and its design must be masculin... In case of doubt, just chose a document case or a backpack if it's a casual day)

- Moccasins

- The print scarf (checked, for example)

- Coloured pants (chose a discreet colour that you like if you aren't used to this)

- The double-breasted jacket, like the one on the image on the right

- A good and nice pair of sunglasses that fit you perfectly

- A pair of "washed" denim jeans (they can look a bit washed or even broken, but not full of holes...)

- A stripy t-shirt or polo (just remember that horizontal stripes aren't the best for those with a few extra kilos, it's better to use vertical stripes or to wear horizontal ones under a sweater)

You have to remember some rules, according to your figure and height (for example, it's very important to cut your trousers to a proper length, so that they won't make you look shorter than you are!). From time to time I'll be sharing some basics, reference websites, "rules" about what fits who... Style can't be achieved in one day, but it's not as hard as it may seem, above all with some advices!

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Have a great day!
¡Que tengáis un gran día!
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  1. No tenía ni idea de que existía una web así y me parece muy interesante teniendo en cuenta que para chicos no suele a ver muchas cosas, es una suerte que puedan encontrar tanta información reunida, encantará a todo el que le interese ( y a sus chicas jaja)

  2. Superb stylish post..great snaps...I loved that Moccasins for Men !!


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